The thematic

Water, Energies, Mobility, Climate, Heritage …
are the themes of the 2015 Edition

Humanity faces a challenge. The planet shows signs of overexploitation of natural resources and of man’s mark through the actions that have been undertaken for centuries without thinking of their future consequences.
The stakes of Environment cannot be ignored. Over these last decades, the international community has realized the urgency of climate through events such as the Earth Summit in Rio in 1992 where the United Nations convention on climate changes (CCNUCC) was signed. This formal and international recognition of climatic change now appears to the world like one of the greatest challenges for the coming years.
The third environmental convention that took place from 27th to 28th of November, 2014 in Paris, had as a keynote the energetic transition (sustainable Transport and mobility, Environment and health) and the preparation of the 2015 Paris Climate Conference on the stakes of climate and biodiversity. It made it possible to launch ambitious projects and to express the wish that France become « the nation of environmental excellence ».
In December 2015, France will welcome the 21th Climate conference (COP211) in Paris. The conference will have to tackle questions in the form of necessary agreements and how to reach them, taking into account the various interests of the countries and the role played by France.

Indeed, humanity must now take into consideration the environment together with its evolution. We must seek and learn how to conciliate economic and social progresses without negative and irreversible impacts on the natural balance of the planet and its resources. This is why the fields of management and researches on energies (production and consumption) and sustainable development are the tools of a future jeopardized by a mainly polluting production of energy. Furthermore, oil and gas reserves decrease while energetic needs grow every day. We must therefore work together and unanimously on this challenge for today and future generations.

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