The event

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 A local and global event

Two major challenges for the Planet :

How to implement a sustainable development and open a new dimension to Tourism ?

The issues and changes, especially those involving the Climate, impose themselves on local as global level.

The multimedia and digital tools permit on a large scale exchanges and research of solutions from and for all.

The European City of Heritage and Sustainable Tourism and its partners organize the Web Sustainable Tourism Days (WSTDays) the 25th and 26th of June 2015, at Congress Hall of Gréoux-les-bains.

This multimedia event promote best practices in Sustainable Tourism, it welcomes works and exchanges of experts and professionals on Climate resources and sustainable Tourism, in accordance with the contributions at the Climate Conference (COP21) of Paris.


A multi-form event

To promote best practices and contribute to meet the challenges « Climate, resources and sustainableTourism »

Media 21

On-line broadcasting of a selection of 21 short films (French, European, international) presenting best practices in sustainable tourism

Mostra 21

International festival of short films on sustainable Tourism and Development.

Market 21

«New markets, new actors for sustainable Development » fair, stands, animations, presentations.

Meeting 21

5th Entretiens de Gréoux – Meetings, exchanges, focus on Climate and resources.

Issues and challenges for a sustainable Tourism.

Workshops and feedback

A multimedia event and multipublic