Appendix 1:

MEETING21 5th Entretiens de Gréoux on the sustainable Tourism

Detailed Program

Thursday, June 25th
11: 15 – 12: 30 A.M- Room Mistral – Plenary session Meeting21 / 5th Entretiens de Gréoux
Climate and resources, issues and challenges for a sustainable Tourism
– Jean-Pierre MARTINETTI, European City of Heritage and Sustainable Tourism
– Éric RAULET, Coordinator of Defismed

– Henri MALOSSE’s video Message, President of the European Economic and social Committee: the question of the Climate, what context and which perspectives for Europe?
– Gilles BERHAULT, President of Comité21: the Conference Climate of Paris, COP21, which places for the civil society and the tourism,
– Me Yves-Marie Moray, President of Eurolaw and Culture Economy, Defense, First vice-president of Europe Entreprise Challenges: the tourism face on the way up risks.

1: 30 – 6: 30 P. M – Room Morucci – Workshops Meeting 21 / 5th Conversations of Gréoux
1: 30 – 3: 00 P. M: first session of workshops
Workshop 1: Nature and Heritage : what valuation of the heritage ?
President: Muriel FAURE, Chief Executive Officer of the Great crossing of the Alps
Reporter: Yves-Marie MORAY, President of Eurolaw
– Henry DALBIES, President ICD Afrique : the putting in tourism of the heritage of Dakar (Senegal), valuation, mediation, transmission, reappropriation (video),
– Julien AURAY, Mission Head Sustainable Tourism, Regional Tourism PACA Committee: ecotourism, experience in PACA,
– Jean-Pierre MARTINETTI, European City of Heritage and Sustainable Tourism: François’s Ways, what perspectives for cultural routes Euro-Méditerranéens based on the memory heritage and the human values?

Workshop 2: Energy and Mobility: what innovative transitions?
Président / Reporter: Eric Raulet, Coordinator, Defismed.
– Stéphane POUFFARY, Founder, Honorary president Energies2050: Ethicarbone – An initiative united carbon international applicable to the Tourism (video),
– Jean-Frédéric GONTHIER, Director Tourist office Gréoux-les-Bains: soft mobilities, in front of tourist of cities, what places for the tourist of fields? Experience in Provence Verdon,
– Jean-Claude FLACCOMIO, Wego Productions : the management of problems ” Mobility and Energy “, through audiovisual project for the valuation of a territory,
– Thierry ARNOUX, Mission Head Durance Luberon Verdon Agglomération, Plan Climate Energy of Territory (PCET).

3: 00 – 4: 30 P. M: second session of workshops
Workshop 3 : Build heritage and Territories: Between identity and sustainable integrations
President / Reporter : Michel BENEDETTO, economist of the construction, President of the committee Sustainable development and local powers of Forum of Oc
– Patrick VERLINDEN, historian, expert of the ECHST: the “sustainable development” in Gallo-Roman Provence – Building, architecture, management of the water, the agriculture, the transport, the food,
Particular case: experience and know-how of the architect Vitruve,
– Stéphane DE PONCINS, consultant urban planner, expert of the ECHST: the Tourist urban planning, what places for the sustainable dimension ?
– Thierry HOURS, director of the relay of Gîtes 04-05 (holiday cottages): experience of the sustainable development – Eco holiday cottages – Holiday cottages Panda and character.

Workshop 4 : Trainings and Tools : From the putting in the Green to the Multimedia
President: Jacques SPINDLER, Emeritus professor University of Nice, scientific president of council of the ECHST: training and research in Tourism, the French experience, experience in region.
Reporter: Jean-Dominique GONTRAND, Top Conseil Consultant,
expert of the ECHST.

– Hervé SAULNIER, Herve Saulnier Consulting : presentation EcoRSE – An operational tool of decision-making support for territories,
– José-Pierre CHOLVY, expert of the ECHST: Estimate the perception of the local Tourism by the stakeholders, the collaborative tool EVALTO
– Cécile BAZE, Departmental Council 04: the Plan Climate Energy territorial, a partnership experience pilots in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence,
– Raymond BANO, ADREP, the training in the service of the voluntary and united sector.
4 : 30 – 6: 00 P. M: third session of workshops
Workshop 5: management of the water and the waste: meetings at risk for the ” Resource Mother “.
President / Reporter: David WARD PERKINS, Consultant, expert of the ECHST
– Malcolm BELL, Directeur Cornwell Tourism: management Environnemental, Ecolabel Européen,
– Eve DALLAMAGGIORE, Innovation Strategy Consultant LGI Consulting : « demEAUmed » presentation of a project on circuits and management of waste water,
– Stéphane JEZEQUEL, engineer ARVALIS (Institute of the vegetable): the management of the water in the agriculture in front of climate change, the example of cereal.

Workshop 6: the territorial tourism stakeholders’ future: what partners for a sustainable tourist development?
President: Jacques BREGEON, President of the School of the jobs by the environment, President of Compétences 21
Reporter: Sabrina BENMECHERI, Consultant
– Jean-Jacques RODRIGUEZ, director of the Tourist office Provence in Lubéron, Committee quality and sustainable development Tourist office of France: the future of the tourist office or the tourist office of future?
– Ulf SONNTAG, director of the research center and Analysis in Tourism (NIT) Germany: analysis and prospective for the territorial organization of the tourism, the European experiences,
– Richard DUVAUCHELLE, Hotel consultant, expert of the ECHST, Administrator of the Foundation Escoffier: how to reconcile sustainable development and competitiveness in the hotel business,
– Jézabel GOUGEON, consultant health environment and territory, Therapist: the integration of the stakeholders health-environment at the heart of the new projects of Sustainable Tourism.

5: 00 P. M –Workshop of collective intelligence (within the framework of the fair Market21)
How to use the diversity to solve the equation Tourism / Climate? An experience of collective intelligence with Catherine PENA and Eric BAUDET, consultants at Eb-Consult.

Friday, June 26th
9: 30 – 12: 30 A. M – Room Mistral – Plenary session Meeting 21 / 5th Entretiens de Gréoux
9: 30 A. M: opening of the works
Animation :
– Jean-Pierre MARTINETTI, European City of Heritage and Sustainable Tourism,
Gérard RUIZ’s video message, the former president of the World Partnership for the Sustainable Tourism, the honorary general inspector of the Ministry of Ecology, the Sustainable development and the Energy, Consulting for the International Organization of the Francophonie regarding sustainable tourism.

9: 45 A. M: syntheses of the interactive workshops
– Reporters of workshops from 1 to 6,
– Evocation of the workshop of collective intelligence: how to use the diversity to solve the equation Tourism / Climate?
Kathia CHLEBEK, Consultant, expert of the ECHST,
– Éric NANCHEN, Coordinator NECSTouR, Restoration works of Task-force NECSTouR on Tourism and Climate,

10: 45 A. M: communications of close
– Pedro ORTUN, Main councillor for CSR and the tourism of DG Growth (ex DG Entreprise and Industry) European Commission: the action of the DG Enterprise, assessment and perspectives regarding Tourism and Sustainable and Responsible Development,
– Mgr Agostino MARCHETTO, highly skilled Secretary to the Papal Council for the migrants and the people in movement and of representatives of national and European networks of the tourism: l’Encyclique consacrée à la préservation de la Planète, The Encyclical « Loué sois tu » dedicated to the conservation of the Planet,
– Jacques BREGEON, President of the School of the jobs by the environment, President of Compétences 21: Tourisme et Climat, mobiliser les compétences collectives et territoriales.

11: 45 A. M: Presentation of project of contribution on « Tourism, Climate and Sustainability »
12: 30 A. M: close of the works:
Exchanges with Christian MANTEI, Managing director of Atout France.