Meeting 21

Workshops on “Tourism and Resources” *

Meeting 21 / 5th Gréoux interviews on Sustainable Tourism

Meetings, exchanges, focus on Water, Energy, Climate, and Heritage.

Constraints and threats, strengths and opportunities for sustainable tourism.

The workshops are scheduled to last 90 minutes with speakers and discussions. This activity will be held at l’Etoile in the Morrucci room, the place is for experts only who have registered beforehand. After a day of workshops on June 25th, we offer on the 26th in the morning one day of “Synthesis and contributions” in the Frederic Mistral room at the Etoile.

11 am: First session of workshops (registration required):

  1. Nature and culture
  2. Energies and mobility

2 pm: Second session of workshops (registration required):

  1. Building and territories
  2. Training and tools

4 pm: Third session of workshops (registration required):

  1. Water and Waste
  2. The future of territorial tourism stakeholders

Contact for practical information: Congress Center l’Etoile +33 (0) 4 92 74 61 02

Meeting 21 Registration: Click here or

* On subscription – within the limits of availability